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nanoTeQ: Nano-Particle technology increases the absorption % of the cannabis and terpene active profiles and a more consistent overall formula effect.


nanoTeQ increases the bioavailability of our formulations by creating our stable nanoemulsions with a uniform droplet ranges from 100-400 nm micrometer (μm). As we continue to research and develop this process these sizes will be standardized for each formulation.

The benefits of nanoTeQ include:

  • It is non-toxic and non-irritant in nature.

  • improved formulation stability.

  • The nano sized droplets, having greater surface area, provide greater absorption.

  • It helps to solubilize lipophilic formulations such as cannabis oil.

  •  Because of the small uniform size, nanoparticles are taken in by cells where larger particles would be rejected and cleared from the body

  • If desired, it allows certain elements of our formulation’s molecules to cross the Blood Brain Barrier ("BBB”).