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The majority of emulsions/delivery systems are inherently unstable reducing the shelf life while also delivering low amounts of an active ingredient such as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cannabinoids and terpenes and into the bloodstream. 


If not prepared correctly, some ingredients can convert into different forms that induce an unintended experience for the consumer via a process called first pass metabolism through the liver.



9X Faster Absorption: monarQh's nanoQuick corrects this and starts the intended experience 9X faster than other delivery systems in 5' minutes instead of 45'+ by sublingually beginning absorption into the bloodstream completing the cycle in the

GI tract.


Bioavailability Increased: With 90+% ingredient intake making your consumer experience more cost effective, potent and consistent. 



nanoQuick™ surrounds and protects your active ingredient with particle size ranges of 10-30 nanometers utilizing a proprietary system that helps bypass unintended first-pass metabolism minimizing conversion to other more hallucinogenic forms. This Pharmaceutical Grade Patent-Pending molecular level water soluble technology replaces existing delivery systems creating a more stable and bioavailable solution.

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